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From where can the ASP.NET RADKit for Endeca downloaded from?

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Prior to 15-Mar-2012, customers could download it from the EDeN (Endeca Developer Network). Since Oracle purchased Endeca in December of 2011, the download page now reads:

"As of 15-Mar-2012, access to the Endeca Support Technical Notes and previous product releases are no longer available through EDeN. The Endeca Support Technical Notes have been migrated to My Oracle Support and should be accessed there."

I would not recommend to use the RAD toolkit if you are going to implement any kind of website though! I have evaluated it and I have not found any way to build a site with a completely customized HTML layout. Use the normal presentation API, not the API delivered together with the RAD toolkit, and write your own wrapper around it.

Still, for an internal web-app the RAD controls might be just fine...

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+1 on writing your own wrapper for Endeca. – Chris Missal Oct 5 '10 at 5:10
  1. Go to https://edelivery.oracle.com and login with your user account
  2. Select "Oracle Endeca" as the Product Pack
  3. Select "Microsoft Windows ... " as Platform
  4. Click "Go" to search
  5. In the results, select "Oracle Endeca Guided Search (6.x) Media Pack for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)"
  6. Here you will find downloads for a number of components including "Oracle Endeca RAD Toolkit for ASP.NET 2.1.3 for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)"
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You need to be a customer in order to get access to their resources.

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Since I have found it difficult to find things on the EDeN site, it may be useful to have the actual link to the Endeca RAD Toolkit for ASP.NET API Reference

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