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        using (var context = new Context(1))
            using (Socket socket = context.Socket(SocketType.XREQ))

                socket.SetSockOpt(SocketOpt.LINGER, 100ul);


                string content = "test message";

                socket.Send(content, Encoding.Unicode);
                string message = socket.Recv(Encoding.Unicode);
                Console.WriteLine("Received reply: " + message);

I've tried longs, ulongs and byte arrays and I can not find a value that does not lead to an "illegal argument" exception being thrown.

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As I can see from the clrzmq2 library sources (Socket.cs) there are 4 overloads of the SetSocketOpt() method with long, ulong, byte array or integer parameter. To specify linger period for socket shutdown you shoud use integer parameter. Anyway, I suggest you use the Socket.Linger property to avoid any possible dismissing.

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Ah, I don't have that option (either Socket.Linger or setSocketOps(int), I must be a version of so behind. Thanks. – mlk Oct 27 '11 at 8:43
Oh, these methods and option will be added in March of 2011. I believe you can add a helper methods in your code based on this commit. – DmitryG Oct 27 '11 at 10:51

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