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I want to let maven to create the header field Require-Bundle depending on my dependencies specified in the pom.xml. I looked into the maven-jar-plugin but it does only support generation of the ClassPath header.

Does anyone know a maven plugin that can automatically generate the RequireBundle entry in the manifest out of my pom dependencies of scope provided?

Best regards

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You should use the maven-bundle-plugin.


More precisely, maven-bundle-plugin would only assist you when defining the dependencies of your bundle. It would not automatically construct a set of required bundles. This is because requiring bundles is not the recommended OSGi practice: you should depend on exported packages. For this reason, maven-bundle-plugin automatically fills the Import-Package, but would not do the same for Require-Bundle (either one or the another, anyway). Hence if you choose to take this road, you'll have to specify bundles manually anyway.

This does not count as a solution, but I thought it worth of discussion.

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I assume I need to use the Require-Bundle instruction, but how can I define that the maven-bundle-plugin should use my maven dependencies of scope "provided" for generating the header? I found only samples defining a static set of required bundles within this instruction... – coding.mof Oct 19 '11 at 11:34

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