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In my application I have a value like "25:30" in NSString and I want to assign this value to int value.
If I do like:

int j = [stringval intValue];

hence I got the value "25" to my int value but I want the full value. Is it possible?

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If you mean 25.30 then you need floats, use CGFloat j = [stringval floatValue];

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If that is supposed to be minutes & seconds, use NSDateFormatter's dateFromString:.

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You can try this

NSString *new = @"25:30";
NSArry *data = [new componentsSeparatedByString:@":"];
int first = [[data objectAtIndex:0] intValue];    \\\ 25 
int second = [[data  objectAtIndex:1] intValue];   \\\ 30
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