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I am using Delphi XE, but the same issue already bothered me when using Delphi 2007. When CNPack IDE Wizards are installed, the default functionality when pressing CTRL+Shift+V is changed.

Usually a local variable is being automatically created. CNPack changes this to moving the cursor to the var section of the current method.

How can i prevent CNPack from doing this?

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Try this

  • go to the CnPack / Code Editor Wizard / Options menu item
  • find the Toggle Var Field Tool in the Editor Tools grid
  • change the shortcut or disable the tool using Enable this Tool check box
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Great, the shortcut needs to be changed in this menu. Then the default behaviour is active again. –  Michael Küller Oct 19 '11 at 13:24
To confirm what Michael says, you need to change the shortcut to get back the default ctrl+shift+v behavior. Unchecking "Enable this Tool" isn't sufficient (at least in the current version). Also, even if you have disabled Code Editor Wizard altogether, you still have to change the shortcut. –  dan-gph Feb 25 '13 at 7:52
In my case CNPack does not use this shortcut but still refractory won't work. Probably some other function is using this shortcut... –  Frosty frog Apr 6 at 12:42

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