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Using VB.Net

I want to copy the txt file from one location to another location.

textbox1.text = Source file directory
textbox2.text = destination file directory

For Example

textbox1.text = "C:\1.txt"
textbox2.text = "d:\"

I want to copy 1.txt to d drive.

How to do this.

Need Sample Code Help

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Use the File.Copy method.

File.Copy(source, destination)

Or, if a file already exists in the destination location, specify a boolean value indicating whether or not to overwrite,

File.Copy(source, destination, overwrite)
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It's pretty straight forward:

File.Copy(textbox1.Text, Path.Combine(textbox2.Text, Path.GetFileName(textbox1.Text)))
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+1: i dont see a filename at textbox2.text(plus the absence of Camelcasing for text at textbox2) :) – naveen Oct 19 '11 at 12:09
@naveen: Right... as it's just a path you have to get the file name from the source. I added that. – Guffa Oct 19 '11 at 12:32

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