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I'm using MS Log Parser to do simple analytics against IIS logs.

I want a query that generates a report indicating the count of unique IPs hitting URLs, resulting in something like:

URL | Unique_IPs | Total_Views

url1 3 100 url2 5 253


The problem I'm having is that Log Parser doesn't allow count(DISTINCT c-ip) when using a group by, and I need the group by to get the hit count per URL.

Anyone know how to do this kind of query in Log Parser?


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Check out Log Parser Rocks! - example 25) Unique visitors by day should give you a starting point.

Because of the missing DISTINCT you'll have to create 2 queries.

quoting from the above link to provide a full answer here

25) Unique visitors per day. This requires two queries. The first query selects from the IIS logs into a CSV file, and the second selects from that CSV file.

Query 1

logparser "SELECT DISTINCT cs-username, date 
INTO tempUniqueVisitorsPerDay.csv 
FROM logs\iis\ex*.log 
WHERE cs-username <> NULL 
GROUP BY Date, cs-username"

Query 2

logparser "SELECT date, count(cs-username) as UniqueVisitors 
INTO test.txt 
FROM tempUniqueVisitorsPerDay.csv 
GROUP BY date"
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