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How do i know if an activity has been deleted or repositioned in the workflow designer? the unloaded event of the activity fires on both occasions

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You should be able to find out if an activity has been deleted by using the following event:

ModelService ms = workflowdesigner.Context.Services.GetService<ModelService>();
ms.ModelChanged += new EventHandler<ModelChangedEventArgs>(Designer_ModelServiceChanged);

You can then find the deleted activities by doing something like:

private void Designer_ModelChanged( object sender, EventArgs e )
           //iterate through model items and find your activity
           if (null != eventArgs.ItemsRemoved)
                foreach (ModelItem mi in eventArgs.ItemsRemoved)
                    //find your activity

Check out the book Pro WF Windows Workflow in .NET 4 by Bruce Bukovics

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Dave's answer is partial correct. When you move your activity a remove event is also called, so that verification will be true for both cases. I use the activity's modelItem.Parent. modelItem.Parent is null when the activity is actually deleted, and != null when it's just moved.

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