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I often want to do some customization before one of the standard tasks are run. I realize I can make new tasks that executes existing tasks in the order I want, but I find that cumbersome and the chance that a developer misses that he is supposed to run my-compile instead of compile is big and leads to hard to fix errors.

So I want to define a custom task (say prepare-app) and inject it into the dependency tree of the existing tasks (say package-bin) so that every time someone invokes package-bin my custom tasks is run right before it.

I tried doing this

  def mySettings = {
    inConfig(Compile)(Seq(prepareAppTask <<= packageBin in Compile map { (pkg: File) =>
      // fiddle with the /target folder before package-bin makes it into a jar
    })) ++
    Seq(name := "my project", version := "1.0")

  lazy val prepareAppTask = TaskKey[Unit]("prepare-app")

but it's not executed automatically by package-bin right before it packages the compile output into a jar. So how do I alter the above code to be run at the right time ?

More generally where do I find info about hooking into other tasks like compile and is there a general way to ensure that your own tasks are run before and after a standard tasks are invoked ?.

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Possible duplicate of stackoverflow.com/q/12360974/1305344. Definitely needs merging. –  Jacek Laskowski Jan 3 at 10:05

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Extending an existing task is documented the SBT documentation for Tasks (look at the section Modifying an Existing Task).

Something like this:

compile in Compile <<= (compile in Compile) map { _ => 
  // what you want to happen after compile goes here 

Actually, there is another way - define your task to depend on compile

prepareAppTask := (whatever you want to do) dependsOn compile

and then modify packageBin to depend on that:

packageBin <<= packageBin dependsOn prepareAppTask

(all of the above non-tested, but the general thrust should work, I hope).

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Thanks for the link I tried doing this but its not immediately obvious how to make it work. I need two things. I need to define a new task that does my custom work after compile has run and I need to modify package-bin from Compile to depend on this custom task (i.e. my task pipeline should be compile -> my-task -> package-bin). –  Lars Tackmann Oct 19 '11 at 13:40
No you don't - you need to add the code for your new task to a re-defined compile task which depends on the previous compile task. I'll see if I can knock together an example and add it to my answer... –  Paul Butcher Oct 19 '11 at 13:46
Works like a charm also nice that your answer shows the two ways around this (run something after or before a existing task). Thanks! –  Lars Tackmann Oct 19 '11 at 14:03
This is correct for inserting an arbitrary action. However, the action usually isn't arbitrary. Depending on what you want to do, the answer to your other question on excluding classes from the jar may also apply here. –  Mark Harrah Oct 22 '11 at 21:59

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