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i have this JS:

$.getJSON('getMessageDetails.php', function (json) { 
   var uc = json[4];
   var uc_length = uc.length;
   var firstPartLength = uc_length - 5;
   var uc_1 = uc.substring(0, firstPartLength);  
   var uc_2 = uc.substr(-5, 3);
   var uc_3 = 'RC';
   if (json[2] != old_id)
      old_id = json[2];

then i have my php/html

 if (count($row) > 0)
    echo "<input type='hidden' id='td_id_new' value='".$new_id."'></input>";   
    echo  $new_id;
    echo "<tr>";        
    echo '<td><a class="red_link" href="'.ADDRESS.'view_message.php?id='.$new_id.'"><span class="red_link" id="td_subject">'.$subject.'</span></a></td>';
    echo '<td><span id="span_1">'.$uniqueCode1.'</span><span id="span_2" class="pink_text">'.$uniqueCode2.'</span><span id="span_3">'.$uniqueCode3.'</span></td>';
    echo "</tr>";

all i want is to set $new_id via my json $("#td_id_new").text(json[2]);

when i inspect element the output there gives $new_id as 0....as i initialized it and not with the new id everything else(all other tags) updates fine with my json

inspect element:

 <input xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" type="hidden" id="td_id_new" value="0">7</input>

i got the value property of the above to be 7 thus $new_id is 7 BUT STILL nothing in the a tag for $new_id???

some help please? thank you

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you set new_id=0 in your PHP.

If you take that out and have initialized the JSON like you said, it should work.

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thank you saw that so i took that out and got the value property of the hidden field to be 7 thus $new_id = 7 but nothing in the <a> tag for $new_id???? –  charlie_cat Oct 19 '11 at 13:11
could it be your quotes? They are inconsistent. The input has single quotes inside double quotes and the a tag has double quotes inside of single quotes. –  Chris Biscardi Oct 19 '11 at 13:17
also ADDRESS looks like it should be $ADDRESS –  Chris Biscardi Oct 19 '11 at 13:22
ADDRESS is correct as it is...the quotes are also correct..i have the same line in a foreach loop that gets data from the dbtable and no problem there... –  charlie_cat Oct 19 '11 at 13:26
could you post what the a tag looks like in the browser? –  Chris Biscardi Oct 19 '11 at 13:33

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