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I downloaded sample in-app-billing application and I tried to run that application on devices its working fine for devices with android OS version 2.2. but I am getting problem with devices having OS version 2.1.

Actually I am able to connect to market server and I am receiving response saying that request sent to server ,but I am not getting response about purchase state (ie whether the purchase is success or not). we are getting this problem with android OS 2.1 devices,for OS 2.2 its working fine.(i tested in devices with OS 2.1 and 2.2 only)

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From developer pages:

System requirements for subscriptions

In-app purchases of subscriptions are supported only on devices that meet these minimum requirements:

Must run Android 2.2 or higher Google Play Store app, version 3.5 or higher, must be installed Google Play 3.5 and later versions include support for the In-app Billing v2 API or higher, which is needed to support handling of subscription products.

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