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I am trying to create a WCF dataservice for an Oracle database. I'm using the Oracle entity framework adapter and creating entities for all the views (its a read only service). The problem that I am encountering is that DateTimeOffset is not a supported primitive type.

OK, I've googled a fair bit and this is not an unknown problem but I can't find an answer! I can't edit the views to change the type returned as its a proprietary database. Some people have mentioned using RegisterKnownType(typeof(DateTimeOffset)) but this doesn't work. Other people have said I need to serialise the data but don't explain how.

Does anyone have a step by step solution as to how to get unsupported primitive types returned by WCF data services?

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2 Answers

Fom Data Contract Known Types:

Unlike other primitive types, the DateTimeOffset structure is not a known type by default, so it must be manually added to the list of known types.

This document as well as KnownTypeAttribute Class describe how to add to the list of known types.

Open Data Protocol by Example also mentions the DateTimeOffset type.

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Similar to Best work around to fix DateTimeOffset over WCF Data Service issue

It's a bit of a hack using reflection, but putting the following in the application start up (I used WebActivator) has so far worked for me using October 2011 CTP.

var primitiveResourceTypeMapType = typeof(ResourceType).Assembly.GetType("System.Data.Services.Providers.PrimitiveResourceTypeMap");
Debug.Assert(primitiveResourceTypeMapType != null);
var builtInTypesMappingField = primitiveResourceTypeMapType.GetField("builtInTypesMapping", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Static);
Debug.Assert(builtInTypesMappingField != null);

var existingMap = ((KeyValuePair<Type, string>[])builtInTypesMappingField.GetValue(null)).ToList();
existingMap.Add(new KeyValuePair<Type, string>(typeof(DateTimeOffset), "Edm.DateTimeOffset"));
existingMap.Add(new KeyValuePair<Type, string>(typeof(DateTimeOffset?), "Edm.DateTimeOffset"));
builtInTypesMappingField.SetValue(null, existingMap.ToArray());
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