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I have a question about usage alias and cloud e-mail. Let's say that my customer have two domains and He wants to migrate mailbox with domain into cloud. But some of his eployees must be in domain and they don't have account in clodu. Did the employee can create alias (in cloud theres no account Summing up I want to chcek that the employee can use e-mail adress like an alias when his primary mailbox is in domain on other provider?

User uses domain from other provider. User uses domain from Office 365. User ID don’t exist in Office 365. User want to use alias – is this is possible when domain is use in Office 365?

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You are probably looking on how to configure a shared address space with Exchange. See for more information on this topic.

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I don't use Exchange Server - only Exchange Online – Krzysztof S. Oct 20 '11 at 8:22
Well, then the answer of Ranon is the way to go... – Henning Krause Oct 20 '11 at 8:38

One of the mail server (either yours or the cloud ones) must have the option to forward mails for accounts on "the other" server. There is no way to tell alien mail servers "mails to this accounts go to this server, the others to the other one".

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