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I have a scenario where a javascript function creates a new span element in web page present in main window of browser--

Code for this is given below--


Now I want to extend this code to make it work in an iframe as well... I have figured out that for this to happen, the above code should be modified so that the span element is created within the iframe. I have with me the id/name of the iframe in which the span element has to be created... How do I create the span element in iframe?

I understand that the web page in iframe should belong to same domain as page contained in main window(viz Same Origin Policy)...

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if i get u right u need to add an element in a page in iframe

use this code

var ifrm= document.getElementById('iframe id');
var ifrmdocument = ifrm.contentWindow.document;
var spn=ifrmdocument.createElement('span');


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I just tested this code on Firefox browser and it throws an exception on var ifrmdocument = ifrm.contentWindow.document; Please tell me how to fix this code on Firefox. Thanks. –  Frank Apr 13 at 9:01
please tell me a version of FF you use ?? –  Marwan Apr 13 at 14:08

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