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I'm using a C dll in a Delphi XE2 program without problem. One of the DLL function takes a function as argument.

Here is the prototype of the function:

 LMX_MySetOption: function(LmxHandle: LMX_HANDLE;
                             eOption: _LMX_SETTINGS;
                            callback: TCallBackProcedure): LMX_STATUS cdecl 
                                                {$IFDEF WIN32} stdcall {$ENDIF};

The original prototype in C of the function was:

                                               const void *pSetting);

TCallBackProcedure is defined as follow:

 TCallBackProcedure = procedure(bla : Pointer) stdcall;

I'm calling the function this way:

LMX_MySetOption(LmxHandle, LMX_OPT_HEARTBEAT_EXIT_FUNCTION, UserExitRoutine);

The UserExitRoutine is definede as follow:

procedure UserExitRoutine(bla : Pointer) stdcall;

It's not working (access violation) I can't modify the C dll.

Many thanks for any idea!

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TCallbackProcedure and const void *pSetting don't seem to me to match. –  David Heffernan Oct 19 '11 at 14:12

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If is a C procedure don't use stdcall use cdecl .

And you can simply declare this

 function LMX_MySetOption(LmxHandle: LMX_HANDLE;
                             eOption: _LMX_SETTINGS;
                            callback: Pointer): LMX_STATUS;cdecl;external 'yourmodule.dll'; 

procedure callback(bla:Pointer);cdecl;
   //Some code

LMX_MySetOption(LmxHandle, LMX_OPT_HEARTBEAT_EXIT_FUNCTION, @callback);

It should work...if it doesn't maybe you don't know the exact nr of parameters that the function has...

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Thanks but it's not working. The signature of the callback function is declared like that in the original C header file: typedef void (LMX_CALLBACK *HeartbeatExit_pfn)(void *pVendorData);. LMX_CALLBACK is defined as __stdcall if _WIN32 is defined. –  Yann Sagon Oct 19 '11 at 13:46
Maybe pVendorData references a structure that requires additional bytes and tryes to write a region of memory witch is not commited...another explanation i don't have for you. –  opc0de Oct 19 '11 at 14:06
Many Thanks, in fact it's working, it's just the dll who didn't called the callback when I was expected it! –  Yann Sagon Oct 19 '11 at 15:02

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