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Consider a ListGrid with two columns: First Name, and Last Name.

What if I want to search across both columns at once? E.g. give me the records for which First Name or Last Name contain 'bob'. (Filled in using a single TextItem search field.)

It ought to return:

Ann, Bobbings
Bob, Doe
Chris, McBob

Is this possible with using just Criteria, or AdvancedCriteria? (E.g. grid.setCriteria(mySearchCriteria);)

Or would I have to customize the setCriteria in ListGrid, or the filterData in DataSource?

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I have used this kind of implementation myself.

textItem.addChangedHandler(new ChangedHandler() {

  public void onChanged(ChangedEvent event) {
    String input = (String) event.getValue();
    AdvancedCriteria criteria = new AdvancedCriteria(OperatorId.OR, new Criterion[]{
      // ICONTAINS = ignores case
      new Criterion("firstName", OperatorId.ICONTAINS, input),
      new Criterion("lastName", OperatorId.ICONTAINS, input)

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