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Full disclosure: I'm very new to .NET and sort of feeling my way through it. Been asked to make a tweak and I'm not sure exactly where to start. Was hoping someone might be able to provide a helpful link or example. Would be greatly appreciated.

Basically, I'd like to read in a querystring... let's call it "inquirytype". If that querystring is equal to "other", I want to change the selection in a dropdown box that I have in my .ascx control (see below):

<asp:DropDownList ID="inquiry_type" runat="server" CssClass="inquiry_type">
   <asp:ListItem Value="" Selected="True">Select Below</asp:ListItem>
   <asp:ListItem>Place an Order</asp:ListItem>
   <asp:ListItem>Order Status</asp:ListItem>

Is there a way I can keep this code in my .ascx file and still achieve this by adding something to my .cs file? Or must I create a function in my .cs that creates this dropdown list altogether?

Thanks in advance!

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Try something like this:

DropDownList1.SelectedValue = Request.QueryString["foo"];

You can also do it like this:

ListItem item = DropDownList1.Items.FindByValue(Request.QueryString["foo"]);
if (item != null)
    item.Selected = true;

I don't think you'll need to test for null, but incase you do:

DropDownList1.SelectedValue = Request.QueryString["foo"] ?? String.Empty;
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Oh wow, that works like a champ! Thanks! Next question: I have some javascript linked to that drop down list. When it changes, I have two additional form fields that are displayed. If I use this code, those boxes do not appear. What would be the best way to fire that script so that they do? –  ndisdabest Oct 19 '11 at 14:48
So you have some JavaScript that displays fields when the selection changes? –  James Johnson Oct 19 '11 at 14:59
That's correct. It's called "inquiry_type_onchange"... it reads in the zero-indexed option that is selected and then displays boxes accordingly. –  ndisdabest Oct 19 '11 at 15:02
Perhaps I will consider reading this querystring with my Javascript function... –  ndisdabest Oct 19 '11 at 15:36

if (Drodownlist.Text == "") {

     //here  fill if is empty
     //lleno si esta vacio

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Please add some more explanation and use code format to represent code selecting the code and pressing cntrl+k –  Shadow Nov 23 '14 at 3:31

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