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I use Xampp and I want test.localhost to go to

In httpd.conf I wrote:

 ServerName test.localhost
 DocumentRoot "d:\_projects\projectx"
 DirectoryIndex index.php

and to windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts I added:       test.localhost

But http://test.localhost now brings me to

How do I make it go to

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As far as your browser is concerned, http://test.localhost is http://test.localhost:80.

What you want is an Apache redirect...

 ServerName test.localhost

 Redirect / http://test.localhost:81
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Hm, I see. But I already have something else on port 80 - So I actually don't want to redirect. Still, you're anwser is technically correct, so you deserve the checkmark. –  Mathias Oct 22 '11 at 10:58

Or just go http://test.localhost:81 on your browser instead of using Redirect.

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