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I'm using VBA with Microsoft Access.

I'm setting an object to an item inside a WebBrowserControl that sometimes exists, sometimes doesn't.

Dim myWebBrowser As Object
Dim myItemInsideWebpage As Object

Set myWebBrowser = Me.WebBrowser0.Object
Set myItemInsideWebpage = myWebBrowser.Document.GetElemendById("myDiv")

If 'myDiv' exists, awesome, if not I want Access to let me know so I can deal with it.

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I believe it would be something like

If myItemInsideWebpage Is Nothing Then
' doesn't exist
' does exist
End If

You may need to preface your 'Set' statement with 'On Error Resume Next' in case an error is thrown when 'myDiv' does not exist.

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Perfect thanks. – JMK Oct 19 '11 at 17:35

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