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Namespaced classes seem to be throwing Phing code coverage report generation for a loop. I'm getting a folder in the root of my project called .%5Creports%5Ccoverage that contains the .html files for any classes that are namespaced. All other classes generate the files in the proper directory as defined by ${reports.dir}/coverage.

When viewing the report in the browser, the links to the class files are pointing to where they should be, but of course I get a 404 because the files themselves have been put in the wrong place. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Here are the relevant lines from each of my files:


base.dir = .
tests.dir = ${base.dir}/tests
reports.dir = ${base.dir}/reports


<!-- Run code coverage for PHP files -->
<target name="coverage">

    <coverage-setup database="${reports.dir}/coverage/coverage.db">
        <fileset refid="php-files" />

    <phpunit bootstrap="${tests.dir}/library/bootstrap.php" codecoverage="true">
            <fileset refid="tests" />

    <coverage-report outfile="${reports.dir}/coverage/coverage.xml">
        <report todir="${reports.dir}/coverage" />


<!-- PHP files -->
<fileset dir="${application.dir}" id="php-files">
    <include name="**/*.php" />

<!-- Test files -->
<fileset dir="${tests.dir}/application" id="tests">
    <include name="**/*Test.php" />

Example namespaced class:


namespace GDI\WebService;

class PredictionRequest
    public $prefix;
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Just to make sure: You are talking about the code coverage report the phing task is generating and not the code coverage report phpunit can create for you? –  edorian Oct 19 '11 at 23:30
@edorian, I'm referring to the reports that are generated by the coverage-report task. –  Luke Oct 20 '11 at 13:41
Ok, just making sure it's not about the one that phpunit-code-coverage produces but the one that was written for the phing task so i don't spent time trying to reproduce the issues with the phpunit code base :) –  edorian Oct 20 '11 at 20:28
@edorian Thanks for taking a look. I narrowed it down to a change in the Phing codebase that was supposed to fix another issue. See my answer below. –  Luke Oct 21 '11 at 14:13

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Ended up tracking it down to this change http://www.phing.info/trac/changeset/1123/trunk/classes/phing/tasks/ext/coverage/CoverageReportTransformer.php. Edited phing/tasks/ext/coverage/CoverageReportTransformer.php to revert back to $proc->setParameter('', 'output.dir', $dir->toString()); and everything is working great now. Not sure what 'efile' confusion the changeset is referring to, but nothing broke for me after the edit.

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