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I want to send some unicode strings (for example "ش") to my SQL DataBase stored procedure. and my code is :

SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection("Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=Khane;Integrated Security=True");

SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand();
command.Connection = connection;
command.CommandType = CommandType.Text; 

command.CommandText = s;

SqlDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader();

while (reader.Read())
Common.CommonPersonSerchResult res = new Common.CommonPersonSerchResult();

res.ID = (int)reader.GetValue(0);
res.FirstName = reader.GetValue(1).ToString();
res.LastName = reader.GetValue(2).ToString();
res.FatherName = reader.GetValue(3).ToString();
res.NationalCode = (int)reader.GetValue(4);
res.ShenasnameCode = (int)reader.GetValue(5);
res.BirthDate = reader.GetValue(6).ToString();
res.State = reader.GetValue(7).ToString();
res.City = reader.GetValue(8).ToString();
res.PostalCode = (int)reader.GetValue(10);
res.SportType = reader.GetValue(11).ToString();
res.SportStyle = reader.GetValue(12).ToString();
res.RegisterType = reader.GetValue(13).ToString();
res.Ghahremani = reader.GetValue(14).ToString();




But I can't see any results but I know There is some rows can be show

this is my stored procedure:

USE [Khane]
/****** Object:  StoredProcedure [dbo].[QuickSerch]    Script Date: 10/19/2011 18:31:22 ******/
-- =============================================
-- Author:      <Author,,Name>
-- Create date: <Create Date,,>
-- Description: <Description,,>
-- =============================================
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[QuickSerch] 
@item nvarchar(300)
select * from PersonsDataTbl 
Name like '%@item%' or 
LastName like '%@item%' or
FatherName like '%@item%' or
NationalCode like '%@item%' or
ShenasnameCode like '%@item%' or
BirthDate like '%@item%' or
State like '%@item%' or
City like '%@item%' or
Address like '%@item%' or
PostalCode like '%@item%' or
SportType like '%@item%' or
SportStyle like '%@item%' or
RegisterType like '%@item%' or
Ghahremani like '%@item%' 
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Your stored procedure code should be:

LIKE '%' + @item + '%'

Otherwise you're looking for values that contain the literal string "@item".

Also, be aware that your code isn't likely to perform very well if you have a large number of rows in your table. Between the OR statements and the leading wildcards it won't be able to make use of any indexes. You might want to look into fulltext searching.

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+1 And I guess the collation and accenting might need to be investigated too. I sincerely hope that there aren't many rows in the DB ... table scan city. –  StuartLC Oct 19 '11 at 15:41
thanks but I don't know fulltext search and this Project doesn't needs it.Thanks agin.LIKE '%' + @item + '%' worked –  ahmadali shafiee Oct 19 '11 at 19:35

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