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I'm trying to inject a second repository into my mvc 3 controller. And I cant get it to work, not sure where to "add another" using Ninject.

I have a void function in global.asa.cs


And in my controller I have:

private INewsRepository _newsRepository;
private IContentRepository _contentRepository;

public NewsController(INewsRepository newsRepository, IContentRepository contentRepository)
    this._newsRepository = newsRepository;
    this._contentRepository = contentRepository;

How can I register IContentRepository for the NewsController as well?

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You are not declaring dependencies for just NewsController. You are declaring that any class that depends on INewsRepository use the specified concrete class. Do the same for IContentRepository and when ninject needs to create a NewsController it will recognize there is more than one dependency. – Nick Larsen Oct 19 '11 at 18:04
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I use autofac instead of Ninject but the basics stay the same.

If you got your first dependency injection working then you should be able to bind others as well. You just have to add a new binding in Application_Start() in your Global.asax.

So under your first binding do this as well:


You can have as many bindings as you like.

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that was the answer, and I had it all along.... I just didnt have the change compiled :S – Lasse Edsvik Oct 20 '11 at 7:00

First off it's a good practice to move the bootstrapping of your application into a separate location. This keeps your Global.asax clean.

You should also be using convention based registration. It will end up saving you lots of time for the bindings you don't need to customize.

So for you I'd probably suggest the following

public static class Bootstrapper()
   public static void Bootstrap()
      kernel.Scan( k =>  

And in your Global.asax you add this..


Then I would suggest you spend some time on Google reading about ninject conventions.

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