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I have a textbox and have to use the regular expressions in

My text should not allow the spaces in first and last place.

Output should be:

Valid: [India Bangalore]

Not valid: [ India Bangalore ]

i.e : user can enter the spaces in between the words but not in first position and last position.

If you have solution in JavaScript that is also fine.

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Why not call .Trim() and don't bother the user about the spaces? – Adrian Iftode Oct 19 '11 at 15:53
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Try this please :


It simply match input which: not to start with any white space ^[^\s] followed by any character even white spaces .* and not end with any white space [^\s]$.

Any way calling Trim() method on input string in server-side is much easy .

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Trim() should remove any trailing or leading spaces.

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