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I have a large XML message read from queue, I need to split it in chunks and convert it into objects and then route them to various destinations based on the object.

So I have configured the routeBuilder to

ChoiceDefinition choice = from(routeConfig.getFromEndpoint())
                .split().method(xmlSplitter, "splitMessage").streaming().process(xmlProcessor).choice();
for (RouteConfig filter : filters) {
    choice = choice.when(header(REPORT_TYPE_HEADER_NAME).contains(filter.getReportTypeHeaderFilter()))

But the routing is not happening at all, All messages are sent to the errorEndpoint. I found the reason to be the splitter deleting the header, as its ahead of the routing.

It seems I cannot use splitting after routing.

What is the solution to solve this problem?

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split() shouldn't remove the headers...are you sure your xmlSplitter/xmlProcessor aren't causing issues?

here is a simple example to show that the headers are preserved...

@EndpointInject(uri = "mock:mock")
protected MockEndpoint mock;

public void test() throws Exception {
    template.sendBodyAndHeader("direct:start", "msg1,msg2", "foo", "bar");

protected RouteBuilder createRouteBuilder() throws Exception {
    return new RouteBuilder() {
        public void configure() throws Exception {

                .split().method(MySplitterBean.class, "splitBody").streaming()

public static class MySplitterBean {
    public List<String> splitBody(String body) {
        List<String> answer = new ArrayList<String>();
        String[] parts = body.split(",");
        for (String part : parts) {
        return answer;
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