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my vim is 7.0 and I can't update it to 7.3, i don't have the privilege.

How to produce the problem:
- in Vim, in any mode, if i keep pressing any arrow keys (either arrow keys or hjkl) it always gives this word "after". e.g:
abcd efgh gives abcd efghafter
very stupid.
I tried to put set nocompatible and

 map ^[[A <up>  
 map ^[[B <down>  
 map ^[[C <right>  
 map ^[[D <left>`

in vimrc, doesn't work...

Could you please help?


:map gives this:

v  <C-C>       * :call RangeCommentLine()<CR>  
no <C-C>       * :call CommentLine()<CR>  
n  <CR>        * :noh<CR><CR>  
n  <C-N>       * :<C-U>YRReplace '1', 'p'<CR>  
n  <C-P>       * :<C-U>YRReplace '-1', 'P'<CR>  
v  <C-X>       * :call RangeUnCommentLine()<CR>  
no <C-X>       * :call UnCommentLine()<CR>  
v  #           * :call VisualSearch('b')<CR>  
v  *           * :call VisualSearch('f')<CR>  
n  .           * :<C-U>YRYankCount '.'<CR>  
n  @             YRMapsExpression("<SNR>16_", "@", "1")  
n  D             D<SNR>16_yrrecord  
x  P           * :<C-U>YRPaste 'P', 'v'<CR>  
n  P           * :<C-U>YRPaste 'P'<CR>  
n  Y             Y<SNR>16_yrrecord  
x  d           * :YRDeleteRange 'v'<CR>  
n  dgg           dgg<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  dG            dG<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  d$            d$<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  daw           daw<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  diw           diw<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  dE            dE<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  de            de<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  dw            dw<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  dd            dd<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  gx            <Plug>NetrwBrowseX  
n  gp          * :<C-U>YRPaste 'gp'<CR>  
n  gP          * :<C-U>YRPaste 'gP'<CR>  
v  jj            <Esc><Space>  
x  p           * :<C-U>YRPaste 'p', 'v'<CR>  
n  p           * :<C-U>YRPaste 'p'<CR>  
x  x           * :YRDeleteRange 'v'<CR>  
n  x             x<SNR>16_yrrecord  
x  y           * :YRYankRange 'v'<CR>  
n  ygg           ygg<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  yG            yG<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  y$            y$<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  yaw           yaw<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  yiw           yiw<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  yE            yE<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  ye            ye<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  yw            yw<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  yy            yy<SNR>16_yrrecord  
n  y           * "+y<Space>  
n  <Plug>NetrwBrowseX * :call netrw#NetrwBrowseX(expand("<cWORD>"),0)<CR>  
n  <SNR>16_yrrecord * :call YRRecord3()<CR>  
n  <F11>       * :YRShow<CR>

:imap gives

i  <S-Tab>     *@<C-R>=<SNR>13_SetVals()<CR><C-R>=<SNR>13_TabComplete('up')<CR><C-R>=<SNR>13_RestoreVals()<CR>
i  <Tab>       *@<C-R>=<SNR>13_SetVals()<CR><C-R>=<SNR>13_TabComplete('down')<CR><C-R>=<SNR>13_RestoreVals()<CR>
i  <SNR>16_yrrecord * <C-R>=YRRecord3()<CR>
i  <SNR>16_YRGetChar & <C-R>=YRGetChar()<CR>
i  jj            <Esc>
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This is extremely odd behavior. In Vim, do :map and see if it reveals any strange custom keybindings you've forgotten about. –  Cody Hess Oct 19 '11 at 17:08
Remove/rename the .vimrc and see if it still happens. –  deviousdodo Oct 19 '11 at 17:18
@CodyHess I just pasted the mapping in the question, please see EDIT. –  BPm Oct 19 '11 at 18:05
@draevor i tried that but still doesn't work... –  BPm Oct 19 '11 at 18:05
@CodyHess So, to better understand the problem: let's say you are in normal mode and you press h once - do you get the problem? how about if you press it repeatedly? or do you need to press various keys to get the word inserted? and does the word get inserted even if you're in normal mode? –  deviousdodo Oct 19 '11 at 18:12

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The only solution is to update to vim 7.3

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