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I am attempting to manipulate an Adobe Reader plist file on OS X to stop auto update checking. This needs to be scripting so I can affect the change on 700+ Macs.

I have:

plutil -convert xml1 /Users/username/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.Reader.plist

to convert the file for text editing.

I found this elsewhere for multi-line search and replace:

sed -n '1h;1!H;${;g;s/<h2.*</h2>/No title here/g;p;}' sample.php > sample-edited.php;

The source file has repetitions of similar data, so I need to find the occurrence after the entry CheckForUpdatesAtStartup

Here is a portion of the file:


So I need to replace the true to false for the CheckForUpdatesAtStartup array.

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awk > outfile '/CheckForUpdatesAtStartup/, /<(true|false)\/>/ {
  sub(/true/, "false")
  }1' infile
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Thank you so much @Dimitre. This is perfect as the change is pinpoint and does not affect the other keys. This is powerful scripting in being able to manipulate plists in the OS X world. –  chop Oct 20 '11 at 11:39

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