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I'm trying to move my company's code for our SAAS product towards standards compliance in the coming months. As we go through each page making corrections, we'll need to be able to validate the resultant code to insure we haven't missed anything. However, our product is only accessible internally or via vpn, so an online validator such as is provided at will not be able to access the page and thus will not work.

Is it possible to validate code locally? I assumed this would be easy, but a Google search for browser plugins or downloadable software turned up nothing. IE is our only supported browser right now and I hoped it would have some tools built in, but using the 'validate' option in the IE 'developer tools' just offers to send the address to the validator.

I'm sure I could visit each page, view source, then copy and paste the code into the validator, but besides the massive time investment that would require it would send our code across an unsecured connection to another server. I'm guessing that wouldn't be approved by management. But is that the only option?


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The w3 validator is open source: –  Gerben Oct 19 '11 at 17:32 is also open source. Entire procedure:… –  Gerben Oct 19 '11 at 17:34

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Both Chrome and Firefox have a the developer toolbar extension from which you can validate local HTML - it sends the source of the page you are currently viewing to the W3C validator.

Chrome (I'm not sure about Firefox) also has Accessibility Developer tools extension that allows you to audit a page in an effort to meet WCAG and 508 compliance.

As with all audits (including human), none will be 100%.

PS. Sorry about reviving a very old question.

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