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I've been experimenting with css3 radial gradients and came up with a nice looking gradient:

background-image: -webkit-radial-gradient(center 110%, 80% 100%, transparent 20%, #22853D);

Now, I am trying to make it cross-browser. What would be the equivalent of the above for the old -webkit-gradient('radial') syntax?

UPDATE Simply put it, it is possible to draw an ellipse with the old syntax?

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Unfortunately this is not possible. You could apply a circular radial gradient and then squish it through css transformations, as here: CSS3 Radial Gradients with RGBA() but I wouldn't recommend this approach.

I'd recommend using SVG backgrounds, you can generate your own gradient at Microsoft's website:

It provides excellent coverage across all browsers (they only blind spot being Firefox 3.6).

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