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What is the best way to unit/integration test DAO layer classes built using Spring JDBC templates?

Three approaches come to mind:

1) Mock library (EasyMock, JMock, Mockito, etc) - Spring framework test code makes use of this approach - They use EasyMock.

2) Embedded Database (H2, HSQL, Derby)

3) Real Database - Same product as used in production, Sybase ASE in my case - different schema obviously.

1)This may slow down unit test execution.
2)Schema is shared between different developers / CI server. So, need to make sure there is no concurrency issue.

Some people argue that First and Second approaches are not real testing. Additional problem with Second approach is that, the database I use, Sybase ASE doesn't seem compatible with any of them.

Would like to know best practices.


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  • If you do not do #1, you are not really unit testing.
  • Our DAOs in general are very thin and do not need unit testing, but we heavily integration test them and we do it with an embedded database (H2).
  • #3 does not seem like a good idea. As far as I understand you are talking about using a single 'real database' that is shared between tests. This can cause you a lot of headaches and is very unmaintainable! Tests need to run in isolation!
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With Option 2 (Using Embedded Database) - how can one work with Sybase ASE database? H2 doesn't have Sybase compatibility mode. – tapasvi Oct 20 '11 at 8:48
@tapasvi: it does not need to be an embedded database necessary. In our project everyone has a database locally so integration tests can run against that. Is that achievable for you? – c_maker Oct 26 '11 at 21:32

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