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Reading the Facebook documentation, I know that with the 'offline_access' permission it

"Enables your app to perform authorized requests on behalf of the user at any time".

So, what types of requests can be made using this permission?

In my application, users can create custom images and share them with friends. But, I want to put their submissions into a moderation system. I'd like to have the user select friends to share, then after the moderator approves, post on the selected friends wall. Will 'offline_access' make this possible?

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  1. offline_access permission itself will NOT allow your app to post on behalf of the user
  2. publish_stream permission does!
  3. NO need for the offline_access permission if you want to publish on the user's own wall even if he is not online (I guess Facebook check if the user_id specified has granted your app the publish_stream permission and the call is issued from an allowed domain)!
  4. Now if you want to publish on the user's friend wall friend_id/feed on a later stage (the user is not online or currently logged-in to your app a.k.a no valid access_token) then I think it's needed to ask for the offline_access permission to append the user's stored access_token that was retrieved earlier by your app authentication-flow.
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Just what I'm looking for. Thank you! – Corey Oct 21 '11 at 16:24

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