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I'm just starting to play around with QT and want to create a simple GUI for some shell scripts I use.

I'd like to do two simple actions :

  1. connect to a server with SSH
  2. run a command once connected to the server (a mysqldump for ex.)

So far I manage to do the SSH connexion like this :

QStringList args_ssh;
args_ssh << ui->lineEdit_sshUser->text() + "@" + ui->lineEdit_sshHost->text();
commandProcess.start("ssh", args_ssh);

That works fine, it prompts for the password and connects. But how can I execute further commands from there ? I tried to start a second commandProcess just under, but that doesn't seem to be the way.

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QProcess is derived from QIODevice which means you can read from/write to it like a file. After the process is started, send your followup commands via standard QIODevice calls.

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