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Ive been using the class Glass_full from here: http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/topic/146813-glass-form-dwmapidll-api/

It works fine on Windows 7. Ive even managed to find a easy workaround for the text issue. I solved this by using a custom color for backcolor and transparencyKey on the form (Color is rgb 1,2,3) This works fine on 7 but when the same code is ran on Vista it doesnt render the glass.

I can render the glass with backcolor black, and transparencyKey works to make the form completely transparent, but when combined like i did on 7, the glass doesnt render. (I get rgb 1,2,3 for a background)

I tried adding a propertyGrid to a form and using it to set the backcolor and transparencyKeys for testing but DWM would crash when i set transparencykey to the same as backcolor.

Is there any way of fixing this?

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