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I'm trying to build a single .jar file from a Maven project which includes every necessary dependency. Therefore the .jar should run on a computer with missing libraries.

The in my pom.xml:


In the part of the pom.xml I use the assembly-plugin:


The "src/assemble/exe.xml" file:


The whole build process works flawlessly (using Eclipse and m2e). I mentioned the following line in the output:

[INFO] Reading assembly descriptor: src/assemble/exe.xml
[WARNING] The following patterns were never triggered in this artifact inclusion filter:
o  'hsqldb:hsqldb' 

Calling the resulting .jar with java -jar result.jar the HSQLDB JDBC driver can't be loaded / was not found. As there is normal (System.out.println) and also log4j output on the console, I suspect that only the hsqldb libraries are missing.

How can they be included in the .jar with Maven assembly-plugin? (My System: Eclipse Indigo, m2e, Maven 3.0.2, Java

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Note that the artifact name of the HSQLDB JDBC driver would be org.hsqldb:hsqldb and not hsqldb:hsqldb as you wrote in your exe.xml. Fix that!

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thanks for the quick answer (2 minutes!!) - this actually solved the problem. – FloE Oct 19 '11 at 18:36

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