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I've got a problem where creating new drools StatefulKnowledgeSession instances is CPU intensive. There's an old nabble link that talks about it here. I'm not sure how I'd work around it, so I figured I'd create a pool of them. So far, I'm completely unable to find out if they are reusable or not. I know they aren't multithread safe in the sense of having 2 threads running rules at the same time, but can I reuse a session in a new thread later down the line after the last usage has called dispose()?

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I ended up creating a single KnowledgeSessionConfiguration and reusing that with every creation of a KnowledgeSession. For whatever reason (apparently a large classpath), creating the configuration was extremely expensive for me, just like the article I linked. I'm not sure what I lose by creating the KnowledgeSessionConfiguration just once and reusing it. Everything seems to be behaving normally.

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If you create the knowledge base in a separate context, then creating a statefulKnowledgeSessions is not expensive. You only need to avoid compiling the rules every time that you need a session (builder.add()). You can create a new session per request and dispose it to avoid memory leaks, I think that you will be fine creating sessions instead of trying to reuse them. Cheers

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