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There are a number of questions on SO that look similar, but none of what I've seen covers my scenario.

I am not using the WCF extension. This is how I register the WCF service with Ninject:


Where Create method boils down to call to RealProxy.GetTransparentProxy provided by WCF.

Now this call returns, as you can imagine a transparent proxy, and when Ninject calls GetType on it in Context.Resolve method null is returned. Then, when activation plan is tried to be build an exception is thrown as Planner.GetPlan does not accept nulls.

Anyone knows what's wrong here?

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Turned out that the issue was (like in many cases on SO) in the part that is not described in the question. Basically, call to GetType gets routed via proxy too, which I should have guessed. On the way it comes via ClientBase.Invoke override, where the method to call is searched on the 'ClientBase.Channel' (this is standard WCF type). Naturally this method is NOT found on channel, since it only implements interface methods. Thus I'm getting null. Not an Ninject issue - my own.

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