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I'm looking for a tool that will enable me to debug JavaScript within IE6. What I mean is that I would like the debugger to run within the browser, a là Firebug.

So far I've tried:

However, I can't figure out how to set breakpoints, step through the code, add watches, etc. using any of them. I've also tried using the MS Visual Web Debugger 2008 Express Edition, but it doesn't run within the browser and lacks features.

If any of the tools above do provide the JS debugging features I'm seeking, any tips on how to use them effectively would be welcome. Alternatively, feel free to recommend other tools.

Update: In addition to suggesting alternative tools, if someone could confirm that none of the tools above do support setting breakpoints and stepping through JS code in IE6, that would be very helpful.

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Jonathan Boutelle has a good cheat sheet on getting the Microsoft Script Editor to work for debugging JScript, so if you have Office installed, you might try that.

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i recently researched just this and posted it my blog here:


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Might be wise to copy and paste from your blog to your answer, and link to your blog. Example: I recently research this and posted it to link*my blog*/link: paste from your blog –  William Brendel Apr 23 '09 at 17:15
I'd say that's a waste of time unless you're quoting some specific part; it's needless duplication of information which should rightly be kept in one place, to facilitate ease of updating. –  Rob Apr 23 '09 at 17:25
It's not very clear whether you think Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express or Frontpage is better for JS debugging. Regarding the former, you describe it as "as good if not better as Frontpage's" and "Bestest-est". Regarding the latter, you describe it as "the best script debugger for IE" and "best". So which one is really best in your opinion? –  Dónal Apr 23 '09 at 23:06
bestest-est is obviously better then best. I actually use office 2002's debugger now because its easier to install and get running then VWD's, but its not free, so if my company didnt pay for it, i wouldnt be using it –  mkoryak Apr 24 '09 at 12:53

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