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I started using vim/gvim for windows few days ago. I use notepad++ until now but would like to start using gvim completly.

One thing i find is, on opening a file in gvim(by double clicking the file) always opens a new instance of gvim even if another gvim instance is already running. Is there any setting that i can turn on in gvim for it to open up the file in a new tab of an already running instance of gvim?

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Sure you can just run:

gvim --remote-tab-silent <file>

When you run:

gvim --remote-tab-silent <file2>

This will open in the same window in a new tab...

Additionally, if you installed gvim from the native windows installer, you should have a shell extension which allows you to "open in existing vim" from windows explorer. This will actually default to opening in a new buffer rather than a new tab. A buffer buffers can be navigated between by doing ":bn" (buffer next) or ":bp" (buffer previous). Personally I prefer them to tabs.

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since you mentioned notepad++, I assume that you are using vim on windows. then try this out, see if it works for you.

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