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Is there a way (JDBC, Resource Adapter, etc) to query VSAM data from Java? Do solutions require something be installed on the VSAM system?

If JDBC, what limitations exist on the SQL allowed?

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One answer I've found in searching is the IBM VSE Connector, which seems to have JDBC support with at least rudimentary metadata and SQL access:


This solution requires you to install the VSE Connector Server on the VSAM side.

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Alex, that would only work for VSE - for the high-end (i.e. z/OS, nee OS/390, nee MVS/ESA, nee...) what I think you might find useful is the API from the JZOS Toolkit (Free! - a rarity from IBM...) that supplies native methods for accessing most basic mainframe access methods (i.e. sequential, partitioned, VSAM, etc.).

Some links that may be helpful:


If you want anything more specific, I would be glad to help (esp. if it was Clojure related...).

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