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I have user input strings specifying the cost of an event (eg: "$4 for non-members"). I am trying to parse out the upper (and lower) bound of the cost (in the example, upper == lower == 4.00).

Suppose that a given string cannot be parsed (maybe it's blank). In this case, I want to be able to store in the database that the maximum cost of the event is infinity (and minimum 0). How do I do this using Mysql and ActiveRecord?

What I've tried:

> e = Event.find(1234)
> e.cost_max = 1.0/0.0
ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: Mysql::Error: Unknown column 'Infinity' in 'field list': UPDATE `events` SET `cost_max` = Infinity WHERE `id` = 1234

I've also tried marking cost_max with NULL, instead. This works in principle. However, I am using Ultrasphinx filters to retrieve events whose cost range has a non-empty intersection with a searched range. As Ultrasphinx filters accept only hash conditions (am I wrong?), my options are limited to this:

search_params[:filter].merge!(:cost_max => 0.0..99)

Meaning, no "OR cost_max is NULL" allowed.

Any idea?

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If the field type is a double it seems that you can store infinity values.


Then it's just a matter of using that as the upper bounds for the comparison.

For more information see this thread in the mysql mailing lists.

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it's not a double, though I suppose I could make it double. Currently it's a float. It seems, though, that mysql doesn't support infinity for its float:,220571,220573#msg-220573 – des4maisons Apr 23 '09 at 18:12

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