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I perform a set of operations on a dataset table:

MyDataSet sharedDS = new MyDataSet();
MyDataSet referenceDS = new MyDataSet(); 

I get a System.ArgumentException: Column_X does not exist in Table1 if I try to access the column this way:


However, this way everything's fine:


Can anyone explain what's the issue here?

Reference (originally meant for another problem): http://stackoverflow.com/questions/764004/reset-primary-key

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I think this line :


is causing you trouble.

I think the .reset is clearing the schema. Use .Clear() istead!

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you're right. it is being used to clear the schema. in this case i clear the schema and then copy it from an instance of the same dataset again. now the schema is set but i can only access the column in one particular way. i suspect this could be linked to something similar to: kbalertz.com/815545/… –  Farooq Apr 24 '09 at 1:43

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