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I want to print JFrame by breaking it into parts and printing each part on each page by zooming the part.

Suppose the JFrame is of size 100x100. Then I want to divide the JFrame into cells each of size 20*50. So I will be having 20 cells. I want to magnify or zoom the parts and print them each on different page.

Anybody having any ideas about how to do it?

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"Anybody having any ideas about how to do it?" Use Java. For more specific answers, ask more specific questions. –  Andrew Thompson Oct 19 '11 at 21:22
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You may be able to adapt one of the approaches examined in Tutorials & Code Camps Chapter 6 Continued: Advanced Printing, which covers several related topics:

  • Multiple Components Per Page
  • Components Larger Than One Page
  • Printing a JTable Component
  • Printing a Sales Report
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