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    'click' : 'select'

When using this event on Mobile Safari the event gets triggered twice when touched. Is this a known bug or something that I am causing on my own?

I've since changed it to

    'touchstart' : 'select'

and it works great but means that it will not work in normal browsers anymore.

Thanks for any info.

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I'm not familiar with Backbone, but maybe try setting it conditionally?

if ('ontouchstart' in document.documentElement) {
  // 'touchstart': 'select'
} else {
  // 'click': 'select'
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Try this code:

TouchView = Backbone.View.extend({
  events: function() {
    return MOBILE ? 
         "touchstart": 'select'
       } : 
         "mousedown": 'select'

See it in action:

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Didn't work for me (didn't see anything output in console). The backbone event system was working though because the event triggered when I changed it to "click #main". – Nippysaurus Jul 27 '12 at 0:00
@Nippysaurus you will need to have your own code to detect MOBILE. – Mauvis Ledford Oct 13 '12 at 18:09

I have used Modernizr to detect the touch device and used following code and this worked for me.

events :function(){ 
   return Modernizr.touch ? 
         "touchstart #edit" : "openEdit",
         "click #edit" : "openEdit",
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Worked perfectly! – Deepak Joy Sep 9 at 4:53

I've solved the same issue generically by creating backbone.touch for Backbone that will monkey patch Backbone.View to respond to touch events when a touch device is used, or regular click events when not.

You can either just include the source file to have it transform all of your click events in Backbone.Views, or you can take a peek at the code and implement it yourself.

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I just include the jquery touchpunch library and that's it.

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I defined both events types and it works for me on a mobile and desktop:

events: {
'click' : 'select',
'touchstart' : 'select'
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That will fire the 'select' method twice, since when you tap on a touch device it fires all the events: touchstart touchmove touchend mouseover mousemove mousedown mouseup click – SimplGy Jul 1 '13 at 17:18

Using coffeescript, I'd do the following, I don't ever find a reason to bring in modernizer when every mobile device these days is really a touch device, I mean when was the last time you had to really support something that didn't?

window.isTouchDevice =  (/android|webos|iphone|ipod|ipad|blackberry|iemobile/i.test(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase()) )

  events: ->
    for k, v of this when /click/.test(k) and isTouchDevice
      mobileKey = k.replace('click','touchstart')
      events[ mobileKey ] = v
      delete events[ k ]
    return events

Coffeescript reads better for these type of list comprehensions imho.

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