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Similar to this question I posted earlier: Handle a WPF Exit Event

I found a solution in Objective C, but I'm not familiar with how to port this with Mono.


I found that I could use the following override to do what I wanted to:

NSApplicationTerminateReply ApplicationShouldTerminate (NSApplication sender)

However, there is a problem now if I close my MainWindow since that is actually where I want to start calling application exit. I already have an override for ApplicationShouldTerminateAfterLastWindowClosed that returns true, so the terminate override is being called correctly. But when I'm returning Cancel, the app is running, sans window. Is there a way to intercept the window closing event?

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This is what I ended up doing. I created a new class called MainWindowDelegate:

public class MainWindowDelegate : MonoMac.AppKit.NSWindowDelegate
    public override WindowShouldClose (MonoMac.Foundation.NSObject sender)
        return false;

Then, in my MainWindowController class:

public class MainWindowController
    private MainWindowDelegate _delegate;

    // Shared initialization code
    void Initialize()
        _delegate = new MainWindowDelegate();

    public override void WindowDidLoad()
        Window.Delegate = _delegate;
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