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I'm working with reflection read and writing objects. I have the problem that I am reading in primitive types; but want to tell the read method to read them as their wrapper (so read a char as a Char). It seems as if there should be a simple static method I can call which would take the primitive Class and return it's wrapper's Class. so for example I could provide char.class and get the Char object's class returned.

I know it's easy enough to hard code this, but that looks ugly; and it seems like this would come up common enough to be worth Sun including a static helper method. I've looked and can't seem to find it, but I still find it hard to believe the method doesn't exist. Can anyone point me to the name of the method?


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There appears to be nothing in the JDK, but there's the Primitives class in Guava, which allows you to write:


to get Character.class.

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In the JDK's tools.jar there's is typeUtils.boxedClass(primitive.type) which deals with Symbol objects. I know it's not what you want, but I'll throw it in for reference and in case what you look for is actually around it.

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