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I am using Asual's address plugin for deeplinks:

    <li><a href="#" name="one" class="selected" rel="address:#/One" address="true">One</a></li>
    <li><a href="#" name="two" rel="address:#/Two" address="true">Two</a></li>
$('a').click(function() {  

$.address.init(function(event) {
}).internalChange(function(event) {
}).externalChange(function(event) {


On pageload the init and internalChange console messages are fired off - from what I understand this is to be expected.

On link click, both the internalChange and externalChange console messages are fired off.

When I click on a link in the document I'm expecting just the internalChange event message to pop up. Instead both the internal and external messages are popping up in the console.

What am I doing wrong?

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I have changed your code a little. Please check. You will understand. http://jsfiddle.net/xUKhF/4/

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