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Is there something already done to do the following. What I need is a utility class that already implements convertEscapedUTFStringToNormalString for this example or if there isn't something done then how can I do it?

public void testConvertEscapedUTFStringToNormalString() {
    String expected = "Hello World!";

    String escaped = "Hello World\\u0021";
    String unescaped = convertEscapedUTFStringToNormalString(escaped);

    assertEquals(expected, unescaped);

private String convertEscapedUTFStringToNormalString(String escaped) {
    //TODO: unimplemented
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Have you looked at Apache Commons? Their StringEscapeUtils.unescapeJava does what you want, I think. (http://commons.apache.org/lang/api-2.5/org/apache/commons/lang/StringEscapeUtils.html)

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Thanks a lot that worked. –  Alfredo Osorio Oct 21 '11 at 14:01
Many, many thanks! This is exactly what I needed and it´s not so easy to find the answer. –  Victor Nov 20 '12 at 15:01

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