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I have written a FUSE driver for linux, and when I mount it I get an entry in the nautilus sidebar. I do not want this - the unmount button doesnt even work. I would like to hide this entry in the nautilus sidebar for my mounted fuse filesystem. I dont want to add it to the fstab because running it as root opens security holes. Is there anything I can add to the options line or the code itself to prevent it from showing in nautilus?

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I believe Nautilus will only show those sidebar entries if your mount point is under /media (the designated path for "removable media" under the FHS).

Using a mount point under /mnt should make Nautilus ignore the filesystem.

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Actually, it was mounted under /home/(username)/ but thanks it seems to work. I'll set up some links to the /mnt folder now. –  user1004091 Oct 19 '11 at 22:44

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