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We have a commerce application where we need to verify that US postal addresses users enter into shipping address forms exist, in order to prevent bad lost/returned shipments.

We need an Postal Address Verification System (AVS) API to handle ~1000 transactions a day, verifying that shipping addresses exist. Not just for credit cards, but shipments.

What are the most popular AVS APIs? Pros / cons?

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The USPS. They have an API they charge to use, but it's the most accurate for US addresses. That being said, this question is subjective and asks for opinion, and therefore can't readily be answered. Voting to close as such (non-constructive). –  Ken White Oct 19 '11 at 22:19

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Unfortunately, the term AVS in a Google search will almost always bring you to the credit card address verification service, which is completely different than what you are looking for. Here is a Wikipedia entry that helps to clarify the difference.

As for most popular, because it is free, the USPS has an API that you can use. However, there are also many limitations with their free service. Here are a few of those limitations:

  • You can use it ONLY if you will be mailing using their service. Their license explicitly prohibits any other use.
  • You can't get the Delivery Point Verification (DPV) code required for USPS bulk discounts.
  • Server availability and guaranteed uptime. There is no guarantee with the USPS free service. It's free, why would they put a lot of effort into it?
  • The documentation for the USPS API is available, there's A LOT of it. But if you need help interpreting it (you will) there's no one to talk to there.

If you need the service to be available and your business will rely on it, you might not want to use the free API from the USPS. With that in mind, there are a number of good API services out there. A Google search for "address verification API" or "address validation API" will give you plenty of results to choose from.

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