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I have a Java generated (List Collection) XML format of:

       <code> RBS.L</code> 
       <symbol> ROYAL BK SCOTL GR</symbol> 
     <name> ROYAL BK SCOTL GR</name> 
     <board> London</board> 
     <industry> Unknown</industry> 
     <prevPrice> 23.74</prevPrice> 
     <openPrice> 23.41</openPrice> 
     <lastPrice> 24.4</lastPrice> 
     <highPrice> 24.855</highPrice> 
     <lowPrice> 23.0</lowPrice> 
     <volume> 51353968</volume> 
     <changePrice> 0.66</changePrice> 
     <changePricePercentage> 2.78</changePricePercentage> 
     <lastVolume> 795</lastVolume> 
     <buyPrice> 24.39</buyPrice> 
     <buyQuantity> 51203</buyQuantity> 
     <sellPrice> 24.4</sellPrice> 
     <sellQuantity> 370763</sellQuantity> 
     <secondBuyPrice> 0.0</secondBuyPrice> 
     <secondBuyQuantity> 0</secondBuyQuantity> 
     <secondSellPrice> 0.0</secondSellPrice> 
     <secondSellQuantity> 0</secondSellQuantity> 
     <thirdBuyPrice> 0.0</thirdBuyPrice> 
     <thirdBuyQuantity> 0</thirdBuyQuantity> 
     <thirdSellPrice> 0.0</thirdSellPrice> 
     <thirdSellQuantity> 0</thirdSellQuantity> 
       <time> 1319038099446</time> 
       <timezone> America/New_York</timezone> 

I am trying to extract the tag values of the code inner tag and changePricePercentage in C#. I am also trying to pre-populate a DataTable with these values. How do I handle the inner tag of code as well? Even though I am no expert, here is my C# source code

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Xml;
using System.Data;

namespace XMLParser
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            DataTable table = new DataTable();
            table.Columns.Add("code", typeof(string)); ;
            table.Columns.Add("changePricePercentage", typeof(double));
            // Create a new XmlDocument  
            XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();

            // Load data  

            // Set up namespace manager for XPath  

            // Get forecast with XPath  
            //XmlNodeList nodes = doc.SelectNodes("org.yccheok.jstock.engine.Stock", ns);
            XmlNodeList nodes = doc.SelectNodes("org.yccheok.jstock.engine.Stock");
            // You can also get elements based on their tag name and namespace,  
            // though this isn't recommended  
            //XmlNodeList nodes = doc.GetElementsByTagName("org.yccheok.jstock.engine.Stock");
            //                          "");  

            foreach (XmlNode node in nodes)
                // Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}, {2}F - {3}F",
                //                     node.Attributes["code"].InnerText,
                //                     node.Attributes["changePricePercentage"].InnerText);

                Console.WriteLine("1: {0} 2: {1}", node.Attributes["code"].InnerText,

                table.Rows.Add(node.Attributes["code"].InnerText, node.Attributes["changePricePercentage"].InnerText);



How would I get my code to accomplish this task? P.S. This Stackoverflow editor would not accept my XML code properly so I had to edit with the actual symbol names. Sorry Thanks

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Where's the XML structure? :-S – Aurelio De Rosa Oct 19 '11 at 22:21
It is messy but I am not using an XSL but it is sandwhiched between the 'lessthan' and 'greaterthan' block. This StackExchange editor would not accept the raw XML code block where it complained about the formatting. I did even the formatting the expected so my apologies there. – heavy rocker dude Oct 19 '11 at 22:31
You saved me Reuben, thanks so much!! – heavy rocker dude Oct 19 '11 at 22:33
@heavyrockerdude, you just need to put four spaces before every line and you're good to go – Rubens Farias Oct 19 '11 at 22:35
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Try this:

XmlNodeList nodes = doc.SelectNodes("//org.yccheok.jstock.engine.Stock");

foreach (XmlElement element in nodes)
    Console.WriteLine("1: {0} 2: {1}", 

Your code and changePricePercentage nodes are elements, not attributes, that was your mistake.

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Wow!! This is awesome. Thanks so Rubens. Next question is how do I sort the default table? I tried: table.DefaultView.Sort = "[" + table.Columns[1].ColumnName + "] asc"; – heavy rocker dude Oct 19 '11 at 22:56
For a new question, create a new question =) – Rubens Farias Oct 19 '11 at 22:58
Already did ask. Thanks again for the help! – heavy rocker dude Oct 20 '11 at 0:10

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