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I have a video file which is stored on Youtube and on my server. I have two pages in php

simple page showing a link with following: page2.php?videoid=1

If the client has youtube access then I will stream the video from youtube else will stream from my server.

Here is what I think I should do:

  1. After page1.php is generated. I will test using cleint side java script if Youtube is accessible from that client.
  2. Somehow pass the result obtained in step 1 to page 2.


  1. Is this the correct/viable approach
  2. Any java script network library that will solve Step 1
  3. How do I pass this value obtained in step 1 to page2
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A quick search on google turned this up: Test if URL is accessible from web browser i.e. make sure not blocked by Proxy server. Not sure if that would work in your situation, but it might.

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You could send an ajax request to the youtube url and check the response code. if it's 200, you're good, anything else, use your own server.

You could add a click handler to the link on page 1 to do this. Use the result of the ajax request to determine which way to view the video and pass that as a query string parameter to page 2.

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